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July 1, 2009
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I promised myself that after the rush of the spring semester ended, I’d pick up this blog again and actually write on a fairly regular basis. I’ve watched plenty of anime since I the last post; Akagi, Sola, K-ON!, Eden of the East… the list goes on. I planned on using the copious free time in summer to finally put my thoughts down on so much that I’ve been watching, from the now-ending spring season and from the archives, old series I’m visiting or revisiting.

Unfortunately, that copious free time never materialized. Between research and an enormous amount of Left 4 Dead, I simply haven’t found the time to write. I’ll try to find more time in the upcoming weeks to write, but it seems that I won’t have the blitz of posts I originally intended.

But that’s not the point of this post. This post, written at 2am, exists because I’m going to Anime Expo. This year will be my second time at AX; I also went last year, and was amazed the entire weekend. However, I commuted in and out each day, which meant I had to leave by around 9pm, so I missed a fair bit of the con. This year, I’m doing it right; I’ll be staying in a hotel with a couple of friends. Here’s a tentative list of things I want to do:


9-10 Opening Ceremonies
5-6 Right Stuf/Nozomi
6-7 Anime News Network (?)
8-9 Maid Cafe
9-10 Rockin’ Android Inc. Presents
10-12 Gainax/Making of Gurren Lagann


9-10 Bandai
12-1 Aniplex(?)
2-3 Manga as High Art
3:30-4:30 VIZ Media
6-7 Without Watching
8-9 Funimation Sneak Peek(?)
9-12 AMV Contest


10-11 BlazBlue & Guilty Gear
12:30-1:30 Funimation
5-6 Nozomi & RightStuf Premieres(?)
7-8 Art of Glowsticking(?)
Morning or Evening NANA 2(?)


10-11 Breaking Into Anime Journalism(?)
11-12 Crunchyroll(?)
12:30-1:30 Freedom 7(?)
1-2 Production I.G.(?)
Rest of the day Auctions? Trolling booths for cheap stuff?

There’s also some sort of aniblogger meetup Saturday, and of course I’ll be spending some time in the Exhibit Hall, lightening my wallet. At any rate, if you’ll be there too, hope to see you soon!

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