earnest favor

February 4, 2010

(tl;dr: Go vote for Yuuko.)

The wind blows through the streets.
The wind is cold, and there are times when we want to stop.

Last year, Amamiya Yuuko never made it out of the preliminary rounds of ISML 2009. Her only appearance was in an exhibition match, not as on official contestant.

At times like that, I want you to move forward, even if it’s just at a slow pace.
Because someday, you’ll be able to get there.

This year, she is again participating in the preliminary rounds, now for ISML 2010. But this year is different.

Even if something sad happens, it’s all right.
If you extend your hand, someone will be there.
And you’ll be able to share the warmth with them.

This year, she has a good chance of success. After her first match, she posted a vote total that rivaled the top contenders in her group, giving her a good shot at qualifying into the competition.

Even if it’s tough to journey on your own, if you don’t let go of the hand you hold, you’ll surely be able to pull through.
So, please don’t give up. Happiness awaits at the end of the long, long road. That happiness builds up, and grows into something even larger.

I’m not saying this will be easy—it will likely be quite difficult. But it is attainable.

And someday, I want you to realize that there were numerous shards of happiness on the road you just walked.

But we need your help–we need a few more votes to push Yuuko to victory. These may be the most important votes of her campaign, the votes that decide the difference between a good nomination run and a spot in ISML 2010.

Please don’t forget that you are not alone. Engraving your footsteps, crossing the seasons, and looking up at the sky.
Even if you don’t have wings, you’ll definitely be able to get there.

So, please join us. Vote. Help push Yuuko into ISML 2010.

To the place that you once dreamed of.
To the tomorrow that gleams with light—

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